Nathan Havey

Nathan Havey is a Film Director and the Co-Founder of Stakeholder Business. He is an authority on social, environmental, and financial sustainability in business.

Nathan bio: A believer in the transformative power of stories, Nathan wrote and directed Beyond Zero, an award-winning film telling the story of the legendary Interface. KKR, UPS, PwC, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and many more companies and universities in Europe and Asia are using it to teach stakeholder business.

Along with a global team of collaborators, he’s spent more than a decade building what is needed to affect transformation by co-creating and co-facilitating the global consultant certification program for Conscious Capitalism Inc. and developing the Stakeholder Score, a leading tool to help companies understand what matters, diagnose their opportunities, and measure their progress in the adoption of stakeholder business.

Talk Title: 

Can Business Save the World?

Talk Description: The documentary Beyond Zero details the passionate journey of Interface, Inc., a global leader in flooring solutions. Lisa and Nathan will detail how Interface’s visionary founder, Ray C. Anderson, fought and won the 30-year battle to transform one of the dirtiest industries in the world into one his grandchildren are proud of. Lisa, an impassioned, knowledgeable and engaging speaker, will share why it’s critical for corporations to reduce their carbon footprint. Nature’s resources are not inexhaustible and there is no Planet B!

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