Jay Jakub

Chief of Staff, Economics of Mutuality—Developed @Mars, Inc.

Acclaimed global speaker Dr. Jay Jakub currently serves as the Chief of Staff of the Economics of Mutuality (EoM) organization, the Director of the EoM Foundation, and is a founding member of the board of the Jubilee Economics Foundation, all headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 

EoM is a groundbreaking management and investment innovation, as well as an academic business education tool. Dr. Jakub formerly served as Senior Director for External Research at Mars, Inc.—maker of iconic brands like M&Ms, Snickers, Mars Bar, and Wrigley’s Gum—that was the incubator for the EoM approach.  Mars Inc. has over $45bn in annual revenue, employing 140,000+ associates, and funded the launch in 2020 of the independent EoM organization. 

EoM now consists of the not-for-profit EoM Foundation, which delivers EoM through advocacy, research and global educational partnerships, including Oxford University and the UN Global Compact; EoM Solutions, a for-profit consultancy, which delivers EoM practical application to corporate clients; the Jubilee Economics Foundation, which delivers EoM at local community empowerment and individual vocational level; and EoM Investments, which is transforming how investment capital is deployed to use measurable impact to drive superior value creation, returns, and performance.  

Dr. Jakub is a prolific writer, including co-author of Completing Capitalism:  Heal Business to Heal the World,contributing co-author of Putting Purpose into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality, and author of Spies and Saboteurs.  Jay’s doctorate is from Oxford University, St. John’s College, his MA is from Lancaster University, and his BA is from American University.  


Talk Title: 

As the Role of Business Evolves, How Can Business Leaders Uncover Opportunity in Today’s Marketplace?

Talk Description: There is a profound shift in how consumers and free enterprise leaders view business’s role in the world. This shift includes producing profitable solutions to societal problems, utilizing non-financial tools to measure the health and vitality of a corporation and understanding how we can best use natural products so we leave resources for future generations. The Economics of Mutuality is a new business management innovation, a more complete capitalism modality that triggers a virtuous circle of trust between all stakeholders which frequently leads to increased

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