Theresa Carrington

Founder/CEO of Ten by Three

As the Founder and CEO of Ten by Three®—an award-winning nonprofit organization working in seven countries—Theresa has used her life experiences to develop Prosperity Wages® and Graduate from Poverty®, two models that work together to sustainably end poverty.

Following years of research, Theresa and her team discovered the tipping point from extreme poverty to prosperity. When Ten by Three purchases 10 products a month at Prosperity Wages for three years, the artisan has enough funds to start three businesses. This formula has been successfully replicated in eight developing nations, reigniting more than 65 local economies across three continents and positively impacting tens of thousands of lives.

Theresa led her team to invent Artisan&You™, the world’s largest artisan engagement technology. Recognized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group for its innovation, Artisan&You™ gives every customer a lookup code to connect with the exact artisan who made their product. Artisans are empowered to share their compelling stories & their ambitions directly with those who are helping them exit poverty.

Theresa’s accomplishments include author, 13-time Mid-America Emmy winner, TEDx Speaker, U.S. State Department speaker, social entrepreneur trainer, BMW Responsible Leader, Intercultural Leader, and Global Diplomacy Lab Methodological Lead.

Talk Title:

Learn How Partnering with a Nonprofit Elevates Employee Engagement

Talk Description: One of the most significant challenges for business owners and managers is galvanizing inspired employees. Inspired employees leads to higher levels of loyalty, customer service and employee engagement. Theresa is a masterful storyteller, and you will thoroughly enjoy the LAZ Parking and Ten by Three case study of massive social impact that stimulates equally massive employee engagement.

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